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Call from TSOC truck sales in Georgia

I verified the truck shown below, an F550 2022 Truck for AmeriGas this morning within 15 minutes of getting a call from TSOA (Truck Sales) in Georgia after a Transport Company dropped it off locally. A manager met me to open the gate and find the keys to the truck, so I could record the mileage, see the Federal Safety Certificate, and open the hood to find the emissions label and write the Test Code on form Reg 31. The Manager met me on his day off and was pleased that the process of vin verification only took 10 minutes. After leaving the site, I completed the paperwork process and then called the TSOA agent for a credit card payment. This is what I call a win-win transaction. I saved the truck buyer the time and effort of going to the DMV and waiting in line for service; I also saved the Truck Sales Company time with my quick response so they could get the vehicle registered and get it into service right away. I love it when I help people with real needs concerning trucks, cars, and trailers. Does your vehicle need vin verification? Call me to find out how I may help you.

Bob Alligood, Owner 707-694-3202

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