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Choosing Verify My Vin for Vin Verification

Verify My Vin is a custom service tailored to fit your needs. As a mobile service, I arrive at your place on a day and at a time to accommodate your schedule. Convenience is one of many benefits you enjoy from my service; cost savings is another significant factor. How's that, you may ask? If you don't have time or don't want to take time away from your business or job, I will work around your schedule. If your vehicle doesn't have current registration or expired plates, or if you can't drive it to DMV, my fee is negligible compared to the cost of acquiring a trailer to haul it to the CHP or DMV. Those I help who just purchased a House Trailer RV and are already hooked up for living are relieved to have me come to them, avoiding all the hassle of undoing their sewage, electricity, etc. Besides the undoing, they must secure everything inside for travel to the DMV office, then wait in line with their trailer until it's their turn. Some of my clients don't have a truck to tow their trailer, so they would be required to pay for the truck and pay the driver to wait for verification, return it to its resting site, and repeat the hookup process.

When may I help you?

Bob Alligood, Owner

Mobile 707-694-3202

Four examples of my vin verification work are shown below.

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