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Devotion to serving clients

The principles of service I learned in the U.S.M.C.
Bob Alligood U.S.M.C. Boot Camp Graduation Photo

It's been 58.5 years since this picture was taken at Parris Island, S.C. and I have aged a lot. However, I have practiced the principles I was taught there in Boot Camp by my Drill Instructors and my experiences during the subsequent three-years and nine months of active duty. I learned about Teamwork in the real sense, and how to serve others.

To name a few: Honor, Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, and Devotion to Duty in my Service to our great Country, the United States of America.

I practiced these five principles throughout my life towards those I had the pleasure to work with in business, first as an employee, then as an owner.

I have always lived by the "Golden Rule" and my family's teaching to be respectful of everyone I meet in life.

I bring these virtues to my current business Verify-My-Vin by Alligood for the mutual benefit of you my client and my own legacy as a caring human being.

Over the past four and one half years since creating Verify My Vin by Alligood my business has become very solid built on a reputation of prompt, courteous, reliable, & effective service to those who purchase out of state vehicles, or obtain older ones out of the California DMV system.

It's proven that I will save you time wasted waiting in line at DMV or CHP for appointment, plus the hassle dealing with someone who may or may not care about your registration issue.

My clients are very willing to recommend my service. I serve commercial, individual modern, and classic car buyers . References available upon request.

Here's one in advance: Windsor Police Department, Windsor, California. They recommend my service whenever they get a call for vin verification. By law, any peace officer can perform the service; however, none of my clients who tried anywhere could find a sheriff or police officer who was willing to do it. They are very busy with police work, and may not be current on all the regulations and stipulations on the form.

Lastly, I am Licensed with Ca. DMV, and Bonded, a member of the BBB.

If you took the time to read this entire post, I thank you most sincerely.

Bob Alligood 707-694-3202 Semper Fi

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