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Flexible is my "middle name"

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

I am available for Vin Verification of your vehicle on a day and at the time and place of your convenience whenever possible. My goal is to make my service to you as easy, smooth, and seamless as possible.

When you contact me I will ask you some important questions about your vehicle such as what ownership documents you have for the vehicle plus a couple of questions about the emissions and Federal Safety Certificate if applicable.

I won't need to start the engine but I do need access to open the driver side door and raise the hood.

Please note: Your car, truck, motorhome, camper trailer, or utility trailer must be a complete vehicle with no missing components. For instance, the motor, wheels, fenders, doors, etc must be on your car or truck.

I do not verify vehicles that are classified by DMV as junk or salvage. This includes ones that many people call their "project car or truck"

DMV regulations require these to be verified by CHP or DMV. Contact those agencies for questions about those vehicle categories.

Thanks for choosing my service.

Bob Alligood

Owner, Verify My Vin License VV29215

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