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I am blessed to have great clients

I feel blessed to have a growing list of clientele like Northgate Ready Mix in Windsor. The office manager said: "I'm so happy I found you Bob because the last two couldn't get it right"

The company just received three 2020 Cement Mixer Trucks they wanted registered as soon as possible. There was no waiting for an appointment with me! I was on the job on the day and at the time I was asked to be there, which was within minutes after the third truck arrives from out of state.

My experience with commercial trucks enabled me to see where the previous Verifier was in error in the past. I save my clients time and hassle which computes to dollars saved by being where they need me and when they need me.

Do you need my service? Call me at 707-694-3202 for prompt mobile service to Verify the Vin on your vehicle, car - truck - or trailer.

2020 Western Star 4700 SF Cement Mixer Truck
#vin verification Cement Mixer Truck Northgate Ready MIx

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