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Importance of mobile Vin Verification

The following true story is why my business is not only popular but important to my clients.

The owner of this Camaro which was purchased out of state thought he had ample time to register it in California. Here is what he told me.


"I called CHP for a vin verification who told me I only had 10 days to register it. Come on in no appointment necessary. "

"Upon arrival at Rohnert Park CHP, they told me I did need an appointment in a not so friendly manner." "I couldn't wait weeks for an appointment - I would have to pay a huge penalty"

My client needed this done today so he could mail it to the out of state lender for processing with California DMV, avoiding the penalty for late registration.

He found me online, was at my office within 15 minutes. His Vin Verification was done in 10 minutes and he was off to the Post Office to get the paperwork in the mail thereby saving great amount of time, hassle, and a penalty.

My vin verification service is a valuable asset to those needing or wanting prompt, efficient, friendly service. to register their vehicle in California.

I value my clients, some of whom are repeat customers like the one who called me while I was in the process of writing up the Camaro pictured above. I listen and respond as much as possible to the needs of those who phone, text, or email me.

It's a very good feeling when I hear my clients say "thank you for helping me" while we shake hands good day.

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