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More reasons why you should choose my service

More reasons you should choose my service.

This week I got a call from a man who had been waiting in line inside his vehicle at Santa Rosa DMV for one and a half hours for vin verification with a small child in the back seat who had been to the doctor and received several shots.

When I told him I would verify the car immediately upon arrival at my office, he pulled out of line and drove to me right away.

Ten-minutes after arriving his car verification was completed, making him not just a happy man, but a thankful person.

Quote: " I can't wait all day in line at DMV for vin verification, especially with a young child in the car" He thanked me with sincere appreciation for my prompt service and caring about his situation.

Note: My client remained in his vehicle with the child while I did my work and filled out the Reg 31. It was a no-contact service, taking every precaution during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

I care about you my client and feel your need regarding convenience, promptness, courteous service.

Bob Alligood

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