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Prompt Mobile Vin Verification

Whether you are a business or an individual car or truck owner needing a vin verification, I can help you with that challenge.

Why is VIN VERIFICATION a challenge?

  1. You need the proper documents to register your vehicle.

  2. Unless you choose my service (which is prompt), an appointment is typically several weeks out for CHP or DMV (unless you are fortunate).

  3. Nine times out of ten, when I answer my phone, the callers tell me they need vin verification as soon as possible on a commercial vehicle or an individual car or truck.

  4. That's the challenge for most people.

  5. CHP and DMV DON'T DO RUSH! As soon as possible with them translates to taking a number or making an appointment to wait for your time. Appointments with them can be a long wait for you due to the flow of people coming through their system.

  6. The vehicle must be taken to them! This can cost you time and money. Especially if the unit is Non-Operative, doesn't run, or is a large trailer.

This is where I come in. This is when you need me.

I will make an appointment to visit your home or business when and on a day convenient for you.

I will explain what ownership documents you need to show me to make the Vin Verification a smooth transaction.

I always consider your time valuable and work quickly not to waste your time when I arrive.

I ask enough questions when you call me to ensure success when you finally go to DMV with the document I complete. If you choose to avoid DMV, I will refer you to an outsourced DMV office that offers a friendly, efficient registration service.

Call or email me now.

Bob Alligood, Owner

Verify my Vin by Alligood


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