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Reasons why you should choose my service

Here are some important reasons you should choose my service for your vin verification.

1. Adherence to the highest standards of business etiquette, and professional customer service.

2. Answer my phone quickly. If I am on the line with a client, I will still answer and touch base with you, take your name and number, then call you back as soon as I complete the call I'm on.

3. I will schedule your appointment for the day and time that is best for you, not for my convenience.

4. I will quote you my fee before we complete the call - that is the price you will pay, no added charge.

5. I listen to you about what you need based upon your situation. For instance, what you are experiencing with DMV/CHP trying to get your VIN verified quickly due to time limitations on your temporary permit or other challenges. (I will write more about these true to life in a later post)

6. I have a successful lifetime of helping others in customer service meeting their needs mainly because I care about the issues clients are facing by having the desire to help them. You can avoid the stress from all the hassle, wasted time, and effort standing waiting in line for service at the DMV & CHP.

7.Verify My Vin is performance-driven to satisfy you with my service.

8. I guarantee old school 100 percent satisfaction. Six years of 5-star reviews tell the story! You can ask my clients.

Bob Alligood

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