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Saving hassle and time with a 28' Trailer

Another client preparing for possible evacuation from the fires in Sonoma County. This one will move their horses, plus it has living quarters inside.

I received their call, when, after standing in line at DMV 2.5 hours, they were told they needed a vin verification. When told they were required to bring the 28' trailer to DMV and wait their turn again. (DMV is not making appointments) my client hit the search button for vin Verifier and found me. I met them next morning and was done in 10 minutes, no waiting. At the trailer on site at the ranch. Afterwards I referred my clients to an outsourced licensed DMV office near them that processed them with no waiting in line. It's a win-win situation when you call me. I provide prompt friendly service at the day and time you need me.

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