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  • Bob Alligood

Sonoma Coast Sunset at Bodega Bay

After a day of driving here and there to verify vins for my clients, I like to take my wife and drive out to the Sonoma Coast where Pelicans seem ro float by in long lines above the waves as Seagulls watch the Sealions frolic around the dock at Lucas Wharf. The Fishetarian Seafood Restaurant next door makes delicious food for hungry visitors. Lines may be long on weekends. I have hiked the Kortum Trail along the cliffs and others for relaxation and getting away for awhile. Yours truly is an outdoorsman and has been his whole life.

Need a vin verification? I serve up promptness in a friendly manner to help you afford some of the DMV/CHP waiting game and hassle.

I took the two sunset pics a

bove at 7:05 pm a few days ago.

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