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"Tiny Houses" require vin verification

"Tiny" houses come in many sizes and shapes. If it has wheels, it is considered a vehicle by the CA. DMV. All vehicles have VINs, (aka vehicle identification numbers) assigned to them by U.S. Federal Law.

The owner must verify the VIN by CHP, DMV, or a CA. Licensed Vin Verifier to Register with the State of California. Can you imagine the shock and surprise when the owner of this recently purchased new unit was told to "bring it on down" to the DMV for verification?

It was delivered and set up by the Manufacturer, who towed it with a large semi-tractor truck. Fortunately, the owner found me, and I took care of his VIN verification on-site. The option of removing it from his property and paying a trucking company to take it to the DMV and wait in line for an agent to verify it would be impractical and cost a small fortune. The hassle of delivering it back to his home site would also add more to the expense.

The bottom line is; I can save you lots of money while offering a convenient service in a friendly, courteous manner. Need a vin verification on a car, truck, or trailer?

I may be able to help you because I offer on-site Mobile Vin Verification

Bob Alligood, Owner mobile phone 707-694-3202 9-5 M-F email:

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