• Bob Alligood

New client for Verify My Vin

Verified this truck in the pouring rain last week

I Gained a new client on last Wednesday. Two vans arrived from out of state. I arrived within thirty minutes of the phone call in the pouring rain and verified the Vins. I made new business friends this day also. Here's why.

The Manager called "two or three" places that didn't answer the phone or call him back"

I answered on the first ring and drove directly there, arriving within thirty minutes.

(My phone is my lifeline for my business. I treat calls with the utmost respect and importance).

The staff at Coast Building Products were pleasantly surprised and a little shocked I think. They were very pleased when I gave them a tip of where to go register with the Reg 31 VIN Verification I handed them and not have to make an appointment or wait in line any time, much less for hours.

My service is a real benefit to my clients. Prompt, efficient, friendly and courteous service to avoid the hassle and wait at DMV-CHP.

Bring it on! I will be there rain or shine.

Call 707-694-3202 for more information or visit my website verify-my-vin.com email: bob@verify-my-vin.com

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